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Please note from 15 March 2024 any Australian Variable Rate changes to the All in One - Regulated Loan Standard Line of Credit will be made available on our website and in The Australian newspaper and any changes to the credit fees and charges to the All in One - Regulated Loan Standard Line of Credit will be communicated to you in writing and made available on our website click here for more information.

Rabobank warns of an increased risk of scam and fraudulent activity including fictitious emails regarding fake Rabobank Term Deposits. Protect yourself online https://www.rabobank.com.au/security

Rabobank warns about fictitious emails regarding fake Rabobank Term Deposits

Rabobank Australia is warning Australian investors about multiple fictitious emails referring to Rabobank.

What is the scam?

The scam operates as follows:

  • Would be investors searching for interest rates on term deposits have been directed to various fake investment finder websites, which request them to input their details.
  • People entering their information into these websites, receive a call from a person on a Sydney based number, offering an interest rate on the required investment. This is then followed up with an email that includes a copy of a term deposit brochure/application form.
  • Once completed, the brochure/application form is emailed back to the sender.

Our advice

These fictitious investment offers are scams and are not associated with Rabobank in any way.

There are a number of ways to identify the scam:

  • The email addresses represented do not contain the Rabobank.com domain name, and the phone numbers provided are not operated by Rabobank.
  • The interest rates listed in the brochures, are grossly out of step with what is currently being offered in the market.

If you have been targeted by these fictitious emails, you can report it at www.scamwatch.gov.au, or to the Rabobank Client Services team on 1800 025 484 Mon – Fri 6:00AM – 8:00PM (Sydney Time). Further, you can report it at www.cyber.gov.au.