Our People - Rowena Propsting

Rowena Propsting

Community Engagement Manager


  • Leading community initiatives to assist agricultural producers across Australia and New Zealand build their knowledge and networks
  • Loves and appreciates the diversity and opportunity Rabobank offers
  • Enjoys working with some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading rural producers


What is your role here at Rabobank?

Working with our branch network and Rabobank Client Council coordinating community initiatives.


How do you help our clients?

Our Community Initiatives have been brought to the fore by our clients for our rural and regional communities; my role is to translate these initiative ideas into life.

Coming from the land myself, it makes it easy for me to understand our clients. When I'm not helping clients, there is nothing I enjoy better than getting home to my family's beef property in North West Queensland and chasing a few cows.


What makes Rabobank different for you?

I love the fact that my roles within Rabobank have been diverse and there is always an opportunity to grow.

I started at Rabobank as a Rural Officer in the Longreach branch in 2011, before moving to the role of Senior Rural Officer in Townsville. I completed a brief 6 month secondment rolling out process improvements that would ultimately be a shot in the arm for our clients. From 2016, I worked as the Support Hub Manager (Northern Queensland & Northern Territory) where I was leading the engine room of loan applications and increases before commencing as the Community Engagement Manager based Sydney in 2019. Rolling this all together with our clients who are some of the best rural producers in Australia and New Zealand; it is a very enjoyable place to work where strong and lifelong relationships are built.