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Davey Family

#ThankAFarmer Goldsworthy Family

As the developers of the much loved brand, Beechworth Honey, Steve and Jodie Goldsworthy are helping to keep life sweet for all Australians.

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Lory Family

#ThankAFarmer Lory Family

Next time you enjoy a delicious raisin-filled sweet, or sip on a glass of wine, try raising a toast to the Lory family and other Australian grape growers.

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Clyne Family

#ThankAFarmer Clyne Family

A darling of vegans and hipsters across the globe, the humble chickpea. Chris Clyne's farm in Moree produces 500,000 cans of this highly nutritious superfood per paddock.

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Appleton Family

#ThankAFarmer Appleton Family

Beef producers Fred and Anna Appleton are giving consumers access to enough premium organic meat to make up about 15 million meal portions each year.

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Davey Family

#ThankAFarmer Andreazza Family

With most people seeking some form of comfort during COVID-19, there’s possibly never been a better time for a Tim Tam.

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