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Thank a Farmer

Series 2 - The business of farming

Graham Finlay

#ThankAFarmer for juicy fresh plums

Located in Australia’s sweet spot for plum production, Andrew and Graham Finlay are providing Australians with delicious, juicy early season plums.

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Andrew Carter

#ThankAFarmer for backing rural Australia

Moree’s Andrew and Libby Carter turned their back on international corporate careers, the lure of the land, and its vast opportunities, proving too great.

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Michael Corkhill

#ThankAFarmer for data-driven improvement

Michael and Jane Corkhill are taking the guesswork out of their results, with technology driving data-based decision-making on their Boorowa merino stud.

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Tim Stevens

#ThankAFarmer for exceptional quality wine

Aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030, Tim and Nicky plan to take all measures to adapt to the changing climate, minimise use of scarce resources, and nurture soils and vines.

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Alan McGufficke

#ThankAFarmer for wool’s quality assurance

NSW's McGufficke family is increasing efficiencies through genetic selection, helping maximise profits and provide the consumer with a superior quality merino wool product.

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Sam Martin

#ThankAFarmer for happy cows, quality cheese

Happy cattle equals quality dairy, and for South Australia’s Martin family, the wellness of its dairy herd is paramount.

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Rob Bell

#ThankAFarmer: Looking to nature for healthy farming solutions

Life is gradually re-emerging on Michael Heyes’ Tasmanian farming operation – above ground and below.

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Rob Bell

#ThankAFarmer: Innovation leading change

In his undaunted quest to push farming boundaries, Western Australian producer Rob Bell’s recent subsoil draining development has significantly increased production capability.

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Hartley Grazing

#ThankAFarmer for the world’s best beef

Running a farm business that delivers 4,000 to 4,500 head of beef cattle to the Australian market every year is a big family affair for Hartley Grazing.

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James Henderson

#ThankAFarmer for unlocking carbon markets

Queensland cattle producer James Henderson has discovered alternative markets that are contributing to his business, and the environment.

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New stories weekly!

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Series 1 - The people behind the produce

Kitto Family

#ThankAFarmer Kitto Family

Lupin growers Rob and Tanya Kitto are introducing consumers to a whole new range of healthy and delicious foods.

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Dalglish Family

#ThankAFarmer Dalglish Family

There’s one thing that Andrew Dalglish can’t put a price on, and that’s knowing first-hand how much consumers are enjoying his top quality produce.

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Green Family

#ThankAFarmer Green Family

Wool producers, Jodie and Andrew Green, are ahead of the game in meeting the growing demands of consumers who want produce with high animal welfare standards.

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De Paoli Family

#ThankAFarmer De Paoli Family

Every time you cook a meal, there’s a very good chance you’ll spice things up using ingredients from Queensland’s Austchilli Group.

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Collins Family

#ThankAFarmer Dilley Family

Whether it’s on a gas platform, in the mine fields or in the comfort of home, people everywhere could be eating apples grown by the Dilley family.

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Free Family

#ThankAFarmer Free Family

Wattle Organic Farms are keeping Australians healthy and well-fed, each year producing a little more than 1300 tonnes of organic fresh fruit and vegetables.

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Clyne Family

#ThankAFarmer Clyne Family

A darling of vegans and hipsters across the globe, the humble chickpea. Chris Clyne's farm in Moree produces 500,000 cans of this highly nutritious superfood per paddock.

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Davey Family

#ThankAFarmer Goldsworthy Family

As the developers of the much loved brand, Beechworth Honey, Steve and Jodie Goldsworthy are helping to keep life sweet for all Australians.

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Collins Family

#ThankAFarmer Collins Family

Nothing beats a nice, hot meal on a cold winter’s day, making it a great time to dine on lentils which grow in abundance in Australia.

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Davey Family

#ThankAFarmer Andreazza Family

With most people seeking some form of comfort during COVID-19, there’s possibly never been a better time for a Tim Tam.

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Appleton Family

#ThankAFarmer Appleton Family

Beef producers Fred and Anna Appleton are giving consumers access to enough premium organic meat to make up about 15 million meal portions each year.

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Lory Family

#ThankAFarmer Lory Family

Next time you enjoy a delicious raisin-filled sweet, or sip on a glass of wine, try raising a toast to the Lory family and other Australian grape growers.

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