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Inclusivity and Accessibility

Our commitment to inclusive and accessible banking

Rabobank Australia Limited (Rabobank) is committed to providing banking services which are inclusive of all people particularly:

  • Our older clients;
  • People with disabilities;
  • Indigenous Australians, including in remote locations; and
  • People with limited English.

To offer services and support to diverse audiences, Rabobank is committed to providing the highest level of inclusion and access possible. Whether you are having difficulties with vision, hearing or physical mobility. We are aware that people with different challenges have particular needs when undertaking banking services. For some, it may be difficult to physically visit one of our branches, for others it might not be possible to manage finances through online channels. Measures that Rabobank has to make it easier to access our services include:

  • Digipasses designed for vision and hearing impaired.
  • Calls from the National Relay Service are accepted by our call centre.
  • Telephone and Online Banking.
  • Translation services are available for clients who have limited English.
  • We will help clients meet any identification requirements, by following AUSTRAC’s guidance on identification and verification of person of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.

Rabobank is also a corporate member of both the Australian Network on Disability and Diversity Council of Australia.

National Relay Service:

You can also contact us through the National Relay Service (NRS) a Government initiative that offers all Australians phone service for people who have speech and hearing impairments. It is available free of charge 24/7 to all through the following channels:


Adobe PDF Documents - increasing access:

Adobe PDF documents - many forms and documents are published in the Adobe PDF standard. You can download the Adobe Reader free of charge via this link (it will open in a new window) from Adobe's website.

Visitors and customers requiring special software to access these documents can find more information at the Adobe Accessibility Resource Centre (this link will open in a new window). The online PDF conversion tool online (this link will open in a new window) is where users can convert PDF documents to plain text or HTML to provide ease of access* to some users.

*Please note that this is a third party service which is independent of Rabobank, and as such, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of, or bear any responsibility for your use of this service.

Optimising your computer accessibility:

For information about how to customise your Windows PC in order to make it more accessible please refer the Windows accessibility through the following.*

For information about how to customise your Apple Computer in order to make it more accessible please refer to the Mac accessibility through the following.*

Further in-order to optimise the access of Rabobank’s website, please make sure your using the most recent version of your preferred browser.

*Please note that this is a third party service which is independent of Rabobank, and as such, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of, or bear any responsibility for your use of this service.

Do you require further assistance?

Rabobank strives to adhere to accepted guidelines and standards for accessibility and usability. Whilst this is not always possible, we are continually seeking new solutions and areas of improvements that will bring all aspects of the site up to the required level of accessibility.

Rabobank prides itself on delivering exceptional client services to everyone. Our people are ready to listen and help you with any queries you may have about our banking accessibility if you require any additional information or help we are available Monday to Friday 6am till 8pm (Sydney time) on:

If you identify an accessibility or usability issue, we welcome hearing your feedback to us via our compliments and complaints page.

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