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We are experiencing some issues with the Rabobank Online Savings mobile app which means it is unavailable for some Apple users.
Open Banking

You can choose to share some of your banking data with accredited organisations so they can provide you with an appropriate product or service. You could share your banking data with other organisations for services such as product comparison, tailored product recommendations, finding the best deal on your banking services, budgeting, consolidation of your accounts, and other services.

A list of all the accredited organisations is available on the Australian Government’s CDR website here.

Types of CDR Data available for sharing

You can pick and choose which data you want to share, and how long you want to share it for (e.g. for 3 months, 6 months, or up to 12 months).

Client Data (upon your consent)

  • Name and contact details
  • Account balance
  • Account information (such as direct debits and scheduled payments)
  • Transaction details

Rabobank also makes available to anyone our standardised Product Data, to facilitate services such as market-wide product comparisons.

Product Data (publicly available)

  • Product name and eligibility criteria
  • Terms and conditions
  • Interest rate
  • Fees or discounts

Available Rabobank accounts and data

Rabobank Online Savings

Data sharing is currently available to Rabobank Online Savings clients who are individuals or sole traders.

To be eligible for data sharing, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have an eligible individual or sole trader account
  • have at least one account with Rabobank that is open and accessible through Internet Banking, and
  • have a valid mobile phone number linked to your Rabobank account (required to authenticate with a one-time password. We will never ask for your internet banking password)

If you’re eligible, you can share your client details, account information, scheduled payments, and transaction history for these Rabobank Online Savings accounts:

  • High Interest Savings Account
  • Purpose Saver Accounts
  • Notice Saver Accounts
  • PremiumSaver Account
  • Term Deposits

Future availability

Open Banking

Farm Business (Rural Banking)

The next phase of data sharing will commence for eligible Farm Business (Rural Banking) clients with individual or sole trader accounts by 28 February 2022.

To find out more click here.

Open Banking

Joint Accounts, Partnerships, Companies and Trusts

Eligible clients with Joint Accounts will be able to share their banking data from 1 July 2022, followed by Partnerships, Companies and Trusts. This applies to both Rabobank Online Savings and Farm Business (Rural Banking) clients.

How to share your data

Provide your consent on the website or app of the accredited organisation you want to share your banking data with first. You need to select the banking data you would like to share, and the period of time you would like to share it for (e.g. for 3 months, 6 months, or up to 12 months). Select “Rabobank” to continue the data sharing consent process with Rabobank.

You’ll then be redirected to Rabobank so that you can authorise and set up data sharing in just a few steps as outlined below.

Open Banking 

  1. Enter your Rabobank Online Savings Customer Number and the last 4 digits of your mobile number.
      •   Your Customer Number is the 8 digit Customer Number that you use to log in to your Rabobank Online Savings Internet Banking.
      •   Your mobile phone number is the one linked to your Rabobank account.
  2. You will receive a One-Time Password as an SMS on your mobile phone to verify you. Enter the One-Time Password within 5 minutes.
  3. Select the accounts you would like to share data from.
  4. Confirm the data and accounts to be shared. You will then be returned to the website or app of the accredited organisation you have elected to share data with.

View or manage sharing

You can view details or stop sharing by:

  • In Internet Banking (not available in mobile banking app) go to Services & Settings and select Data sharing arrangements
  • Phoning us on 1800 445 445 (free call), Mon – Fri 6am – 8pm (Sydney time).
    If you’re overseas call: +61 2 8115 2558

Our Consumer Data Right policy

Our Consumer Data Right policy provides information about how Rabobank manages data under the CDR. It describes how you can access and correct your CDR data, as well as how you can make a complaint about how we handle your CDR data.

View our Consumer Data Right policy (PDF)

Your Privacy and Security

Open Banking

Sharing your data securely

All participating CDR organisations must be accredited by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) before they are able to request data on your behalf. This accreditation process includes testing to ensure that participating organisations meet certain security standards. As an active data holder, Rabobank must also adhere to these standards.

You can find the list of all the accredited organisations on the Australian Government’s CDR website here.

Once your Rabobank banking data has been shared with an accredited organisation, it is no longer managed by us. Please refer to the accredited organisation’s Consumer Data Right policy for details on how they manage your data.

Open Banking

Protecting your privacy

Rabobank has always been committed to protecting your Personal data. Any Personal data used for Open Banking will continue to be protected and processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

View our Privacy Policy

Information for developers

Click here to find Rabobank’s Open Banking APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

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