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FAQs - eStatements

What are electronic statements (eStatements)?


eStatements are account statements online – you can access and view them through Rabobank Internet Banking (RIBS). They are in PDF format. For record keeping purposes, you can save and print eStatements in the same format as a paper statement.

What are the benefits of Rabobank eStatement?


eStatements give fast and convenient access to accounts wherever you are 24/7, with access of up to 5 years of account statements for free.

Why does the bank prefer to no longer send paper statements?


We are going paperless to support the environment and to give clients easy access to their statements, making banking easier and more accessible for all our clients.

Who can access eStatements?


RIBS users with full access. eStatements are not available to Delegated Users. If you have access to more than one entity you can view each entity eStatement by simply changing entity. [My Profile (located in the top right hand corner of every screen) / Preferences / ChangeEntity]

How can I get the statements older than 5 years?


Please contact the eStatement InfoLine (1800 116 319). They are available for each individual entity and statements include all accounts in that entity.

What is the difference between eStatements and Transaction History in Rabobank Internet Banking (RIBS)?


Transaction History provides you a list of transactions for an account over a specific period of time. You may export these in various formats for use in other applications.

eStatements have the exact same information and the legal status as the paper statement, along with the added bonus of being able to view up to 5 years of account statements, so you’ll be able to see more of the account transactions.

How often will eStatements be sent?


They will be sent monthly.

How will I know when an eStatement is available to view?


All RIBS users with full access will receive an email notification each time a new eStatement is available in RIBS.

Do I need to tell Rabobank if I change my email address?


Yes – it is important to keep your email address up to date, so we can advise you when eStatements are available. You can change your email address within RIBS anytime. [My Profile (located in the top right hand corner of every screen) / Preferences / Change / Entity]

Are eStatements safe?


Yes - they give peace of mind by providing greater protection from identity theft by no longer receiving statements via mail. Statements and account information will only be available within the safe and secure RIBS environment and can only be accessed by RIBS users that have been granted full internet banking access.

Are eStatements the same as paper statements?


Yes - the eStatement will look identical to the paper statement and have the same legal status.

Will a statement be sent if an account is closed?


Yes - a closing paper statement will be sent in the mail if there are no other accounts under that same entity, otherwise, these can still be viewed in the same way in RIBS.

Can a paper statement still be received in the mail?


Yes - you may choose to switch back to paper statements at any time by sending us a message through RIBS or by calling us on the eStatement InfoLine (1800 116 319). Paper statements may incur a fee in the future.