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Just a heads up, our Internet and Mobile Banking will be offline for scheduled maintenance between 10:00 pm on Saturday, 22nd of January to 2:00 am on Sunday, 23rd of January 2022.
We apologise for any inconvenience. If you’d like to speak to us, we’re available Monday to Friday 6:00 am to 8:00 pm (AEST) on 1800 445 445.

We are experiencing some issues with the Rabobank Online Savings mobile app which means it is unavailable for some Apple users.

FAQs - Internet Banking

Have you made an incorrect payment?


If the funds have not dishonoured back to your account within 48hours, then you can contact the Client Services Team to request a trace and recall. Please note: The trace and recall incurs a $60 fee to initiate and it can take up to 6 weeks to hear back from the other financial institution involved.

What are cut off times for making transfers?


Cut off times

Before 6pm (AEST/AEDT) - processed same day and will be received within 1 – 2 business days
After 6pm (AEST/AEDT) - processed next business day
Weekends and national public holidays - processed next business day.

Clearance times

If transferring funds to an external bank account before 6pm (AEST/AEDT), the funds will usually appear in that account within 1 – 2 business days.
Direct credits received from another financial institution are usually received and available within 1-3 business days.

Home (Account summary)


Your Account summary is displayed after you successfully sign in.

It displays the following information for your accounts:

  • Account number
  • Description (i.e. account type)
  • Balance
  • Available balance
  • Loam limit (if applicable)
  • Temporary increase amount & expiry date (if applicable)

Click on an account number or description to see further detail.

Account activity


Account activity provides access to your Transaction history.

You can also rename your account with a nickname – so that you can easily distinguish between your accounts. This nickname will only be used in the context of your internet banking.

Transaction history

Displays a list of transaction for your accounts over a specific period of time.

You can search your transactions by description or amount. If you want to search for specific transactions, click on ‘Advanced search’ for more options.

Within advanced search, you can search by:

  • Transaction type
  • Amount range
  • Search text within a description
  • Or a combination of the above

Export transactions

To export your transactions:

  1. Click ‘Download’
  2. Select the file format you want to export
  3. Click the ‘Download’ button



Statements can only be accessed by Account owners.

Up to 5 years of statements can be viewed in PDF format. They are available for each individual entity, and include all accounts in that entity.

To search and view your eStatements:

  1. Select the entity you want to view the statements for
  2. Select the time period you want to view statements for
        a. You also have the option to enter in a custom date range
  3. A list of statements will appear matching the time period selected

Transfer & pay


On the transfer and pay screen, you can

  • Move your money
  • View upcoming payments
  • Manage payees and billers

Transfer & pay > Account transfer


Account transfer is used to move money between your Rabobank accounts, or a nominated account.

To make a transfer:

  1. Select the account to debit funds from
  2. Select the ‘To’ account
  3. Enter payment amount
  4. Enter a payment description – this description will appear on your statement
  5. Enter the date the payment is to occur
  6. Select the frequency
      a. Once
      b. Recurring
          i. Select the frequency
          ii. Select the end date or ‘until I cancel’
  7. Click ‘Continue’
  8. Check the payment details are correct
  9. Click ‘Confirm’
  10. Confirmation screen is then displayed
  11. You have the option to email a copy of the confirmation to your email address
      a. If the email address that appears is incorrect, you can update your email by going to Services & Settings – My profile
  12. If Authorisation is required, a list of approvers is displayed.
      a. Selecting an authoriser will send a notification that a payment is awaiting their approval.

Transfer & pay > Pay anyone


Pay anyone is used to transfer money to third party accounts.

You will need to add and authenticate your payee before making a payment.

To make a transfer to a third party:

  1. Select the payee in your payee list
  2. Select the account you want to make the payment from
  3. Enter payment amount
  4. Enter a payment description – this description may appear on your payee’s statement depending on their financial institution
  5. Enter the date the payment is to occur
  6. Select the frequency
      a. Once
      b. Recurring
          i. Select the frequency
          ii. Select the end date or ‘until I cancel’
  7. Click ‘Continue’
  8. Check the payment details are correct
  9. Click ‘Confirm’
  10. Confirmation screen is then displayed
  11. You have the option to email a copy of the confirmation to your email address and to your payee’s email address
  12. If Authorisation is required, a list of approvers is displayed.
      a. Selecting an authoriser will send a notification that a payment is awaiting their approval.

Cut off times for payments

Payments confirmed before 6PM (Sydney time) Monday to Friday will be processed on the same Business day.

Please allow up to 2 Business days for payments to be received by Payees.

Transfer & pay > Add Payee


When adding a payee, please check the BSB and account number you have entered. Payments made to the wrong account as a result of you entering an incorrect BSB or account number may not be able to be recovered.

You can add a Payee by:

  1. Clicking on ‘Manage payees and billers’ then ‘Add payee(s)’
  2. Clicking on ‘Pay anyone’ then ‘Add payee(s)’

After clicking on ‘Add payee(s)’, the add payee form is loaded:

  1. Enter in Account name
  2. BSB
  3. Account number
  4. Payee description (optional)

You can add another payee or click ‘Continue’.

Once you have added all your payee(s), you will need to authenticate them before you can make a payment.

  1. You will be prompted to enter in your passcode (PIN + Token code)
  2. Click ‘Confirm’
  3. Payees will now be added to your payee list.

Transfer & pay > BPAY


After 6PM (Sydney time), payments must be future dated.

Future dated and recurring payments require cleared funds to be available the business day before the payment is due.

To make a BPAY Payment:

  1. Select the biller you want to pay
  2. Select the account you want to make the BPAY payment from
  3. Enter in the payment amount
  4. Enter or select the date you want to make the payment
  5. Select the frequency
  6. Click ‘Continue’
  7. Check the payment details
      a. If the payment requires further authorisation
          i. Click ‘Continue’
          ii. Select the authoriser/s you want to notify
          iii. Click ‘Send for Approval’

      b. If the payment does not require further authorisation
          i. Click ‘Confirm’
  8. Confirmation receipt is displayed.
  9. Click ‘Done’ or ‘Another BPAY payment’ to make another payment.

Transfer & pay > Add a biller


You can add a BPAY biller by:

  1. Clicking on ‘Manage payees and billers’ then ‘Add a biller’
  2. Clicking on ‘BPAY payment’ then ‘Add a biller’

To add a new Biller:

  1. Click ‘Add a Biller’
  2. Enter a Biller code
  3. Biller matching that code will appear. Select the Biller
  4. Enter in your CRN
  5. You can also enter in a personalised biller name (like a nickname for your bill)
  6. Select the entities you want to associate with the Biller
  7. Click ‘Add’
  8. The Biller will now be available in your biller list

Transfer & pay > International Transfer


Rabobank charges a $30AUD fee. Margin rates also apply to currency conversion.

Beneficiary and intermediary banks may charge fees which are deducted from the payment.

To request an International transfer:

  1. Select the account you want to make the payment from
  2. Enter the Foreign currency (3 letter code e.g. EUR, GBP, NZD)
  3. Enter the payment amount in the Foreign currency amount or AUD amount
  4. Enter the Reason for payment
  5. Enter the Beneficiary details
  6. Enter the Beneficiary’s bank details
  7. Click ‘View terms and conditions’ to review the International transfer terms and conditions
  8. Select ‘I accept the Rabobank Internet Banking conditions of International Funds Transfer’
  9. Click ‘Continue’
  10. Review the transfer details
  11. Click ‘Confirm’
  12. Transfer request confirmation is displayed.

Transfer & pay > Upcoming Payments


To view your upcoming payments:

  1. Select the account you want to view
  2. The upcoming payments will be displayed
  3. Click on ‘Actions’ to either
      a. View the confirmation of the payment
      b. Delete the upcoming payment

Transfer & pay > Manage Payees and Billers


Your Payees & Billers are linked to an entity, and all Account owners and Delegated users who can access an Entity can view, edit or delete these shared payees


This screen displays a list of all your payees.

You can view, edit or delete a payee.

  1. Click on the Payee you want to action
      a. Modify their details and click ’Update’
      b. Some updates to payee information require the payee to be re-authenticated
      a. Click ‘Delete’
      b. Confirm you want to delete the payee

Unauthenticated payees

You can now bulk authenticate your payees.

If you have any payees that are unauthenticated, when you try to make a payment or go to the ‘Manage Payees’ screen you will see a message: ‘You have unconfirmed payees…’

To authenticate:

  1. Click on ‘authenticate them here.’
  2. A list of the unconfirmed payees are listed
      a. To confirm, enter in your PIN + Token code and click ‘Confirm’
          i. The payees will then appear in your payee list
      b. If you click ‘X’, you will be taken back to your payee list
      c. If you click ‘Cancel’, a ‘Cancel authenticating payee(s)’ message will appear
          i. Click ‘No’ – you will be returned to the list of unconfirmed payees
          ii. Click ‘Yes’ – to delete the unconfirmed payees
  3. Please note: You cannot make a payment or add a new payee until unconfirmed payees have been authenticated or deleted.

Transfer & pay > Batch payment


Batch payments enable you to make payment from one of your accounts to multiple third party accounts in a single transaction e.g. paying employee wages or paying multiple accounts to the same payee.

Batch payments can be submitted for processing on today’s date (before 6PM – Sydney time ) or they can be dated in the future. If your batch is future-dated it will remain with a status of pending until the morning of the payment date. All payments within a batch are paid on the same date.

Transfer & pay > Batch payment > New batch payment


To make a new batch payment:

  1. Select the payees to add to the batch (You can also add a new payee)
  2. Click ‘Add to batch’
  3. Enter in a description
  4. Enter in an amount
  5. Click ‘Continue’
  6. Select the account you want to make the batch payment from
  7. Verify the number of payees, and the total amount.
      a. If this is incorrect, click on ‘Edit details’
  8. Enter in a batch description
  9. Select the date the payment is to be made
  10. Choose how you want to make the payments:
      a. Multiple: Individual payments
      b. Single: One bulk payment
  11. Select ’Save template’ (Optional)
      a. Use this if you will use this batch payment again. You will be able to use the same template in the future.
  12. Click ‘Continue’
  13. Check the payment details
  14. Click ‘Confirm’
  15. Batch payment has been submitted/scheduled.

Transfer & pay > Batch payment > Import a batch file


You can import a compatible batch file from your accounting software such as Xero.

You can only import files of format .aba or .txt

To import a batch file:

  1. Click ’Browse’
  2. Select the file from your file browser
  3. Click ’Upload’
  4. The file will be validated, and if there are any errors, the errors will be displayed.
      a. To continue uploading, please fix the errors in your accounting software and re-upload
  5. After successful upload, the Payee details will be displayed including payment description & amount.
      a. Please note: The imported details cannot be edited. To edit the details, please edit in your accounting software and re-upload the file.
  6. Click ‘Continue’
  7. Select the account you want to make the batch payment from
  8. Verify the number of payees, and the total amount.
      a. If this is incorrect, click on ‘Edit details’
  9. Enter in a batch description
  10. Select the date the payment is to be made
  11. Choose how you want to make the payments:
      a. Multiple: Individual payments
      b. Single: One bulk payment
  12. Click ‘Continue’
  13. Check the payment details
  14. Click ‘Continue
  15. You will need to authenticate the payment.
  16. Enter in your PIN + token code
  17. Click ‘Confirm’
  18. Batch payment has been submitted/scheduled.

Transfer & pay > Batch payment > Batch payment status


Here you can view the status of your batch payment.

Status Status Description
New New batch payment initiated and pending to be submitted
Submitted Batch payment submitted by requestor
Pending authorisation New batch submitted and awaiting authorisation
Rejected Batch payment rejected by authoriser
Cancelled Batch payment cancelled due to cut off time passed
Failed/Incomplete Batch payment failed due to system error
Completed Batch payment successfully posted
Delete Deleting a successfully submitted future batch payment

Transfer & pay > Batch payment > Your batch templates


You can find a list of your previously saved batch templates here.

To use a template click ‘Use template’.

If you no longer need the template, then you can click ‘Delete’.

Rate bookings


Rate bookings are only available to Account Owners.

Select an account, to view:

  • Available interest rates
  • Current interest options
  • Future/pending bookings

To book a fixed rate:

  1. Click ‘Book fixed rate’
  2. Enter Effective date
    a. The Available amount to fix will automatically update if a future date is entered
  3. Enter in the amount you would like to fix
  4. Select the term (Please note: Rates shown are all inclusive, including agreed margin for this account)
  5. Click ’Continue’
  6. Check the book fixed rate information
  7. Click ’Confirm’
  8. Rate booking has been submitted

Secure Messages


Secure messages provides you with the ability to send and receive messages directly with Rabobank Client services team.

You can:

  • Send a new message
  • View sent messages
  • View received messages

To send a new message:

  1. Click ‘New message’
  2. Select the account you want to send an enquiry about or select ‘none’ for a general message
  3. If you select an account, you will need to select a topic
    a. Account enquiry
    b. Transaction enquiry
    c. Fixed rate break quote (depending on the account selected, and will only appear for Account owners)
  4. The message box will pre-populate with information depending on the topic selected
  5. Enter in your message and click ‘Send’
  6. You can view your sent messages in the ‘Sent’ tab

Services and settings > Payment authorisation


Authorisation is required from an Account owner when a Delegated user creates any of the following transactions:

  • Account transfer
  • Pay anyone
  • BPAY
  • Batch payment

Please note: Delegated users with Execute access for an account and related transactions do not require approval from an account Owner (unless the account requires more than 1 authoriser).

The access level for a Delegated user is set by an Account owner and is per account in an Entity. The access level can be different for each account in that Entity.

To Authorise a payment:

You can access the payment authorisation screen by:

  • Clicking on the Payment authorisation notification OR
  • Go to ‘Services & settings’ then ‘Payment authorisations’

On the Payment authorisation screen,

  1. Click ‘Take action’ on the payment you want to authorise
  2. Review the payment details
  3. You have the option to:
    a. Approve the payment
        i. Click ‘Approve’
        ii. If no further authorisation is required, then the payment is submitted
    b. Decline the payment
        i. Enter in the required comments
        ii. Click ‘Decline’
        iii. A confirmation prompt appears
        iv. Click ‘Yes’ to decline the payment > The payment is then deleted
        v. Click ‘No’ to return to the payment authorisation request

Services and settings > User permissions


Only available to Account owners.

Here you will see a list of your Entities and users linked to that entity.

You can manage the permissions for your delegated users.

  1. Click on ‘Manage permissions’ next to the delegated user
  2. Enable account access
    a. Yes
    b. No
  3. Enter in the Daily limit the user is authorised to perform
  4. Set the level of access for each transaction type.
  5. None Delegated user does not have access to account
    View Delegated has view access only to account, unable to perform any transactions
    Input Delegated user can create transaction type, but authorisation is required
    Authorise Delegated user can create transaction type, up to the daily limit and authorise

  6. Click ‘Save’

Services and settings > Session summary


You can view your session summary details, and the session summary details of your delegated users.

You can view the details of your last 20 Internet banking sessions.

Services and settings > Conditions of use


You can view the Rabobank internet banking conditions of use.

Services and settings > Fixed option break quote


Takes you to secure messages, where you can request a break quote for a selected account.

Services and settings > Go paperless


Here you can request for statements to be sent to your email address.

  1. Select the account
  2. Check and update (if required) the email address you want the statements to be sent
  3. Read and accept the terms and conditions
  4. Click ‘Send’

The request will be sent to Client Services.

Services and settings > My profile


You can update your:

  • Home phone
  • Business phone
  • Mobile
  • Email address

Please note: Changing your personal details in internet banking will not change your client or statement details elsewhere within the bank. To change your client or statement details please contact Rabobank Client Services on  1800 025 484 (6:00am - 8:00pm Monday to Friday, Sydney time).

Services and settings > Notification preferences


You can your notifications on or off.

Select your preferences for each notification type.

  • Internet banking notification
  • Email

To change the preference for your mobile notifications, please do this via the mobile app.

How can I close an account?


For more information about closing your account:

For Rabobank Australia loan related accounts, please contact your Rural Manager or visit a branch located on our website. You will need to provide a request in writing that is signed by all account holders and security providers. The attached form may be used to assist with this process. Once all of the information required has been received, we will close your account as soon as practicable, and generally within 6 weeks from receipt of all of the required information.

For all other Rabobank Australia accounts, please call us on 1800 025 484, or if you are overseas on (+612) 8115 2240 between the hours of MON-FRI 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. (Sydney time). You may also contact your local branch. For Deposit accounts, we will generally close the account within 5 days once all required information is received.

Can I allow other people to access my accounts using Rabobank Internet Banking?


Subject to agreement by all account owners you can permit others to access, view or transact on your account. For more information on how to register a Delegated User you can call our Rabobank Internet Banking InfoLine on 1800 640 442 (between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, Sydney time).

Can I cancel a transaction that I have requested using Rabobank Internet Banking?

Future-dated transactions that display in the (Payments pending authorisation table on the Payments main screen) and have an appropriate action along side them can be cancelled via the internet prior to the date they take effect. For transactions dated today, once the transaction has been confirmed it cannot be cancelled via the internet. 

How do I log into my Rabobank Internet Banking?


To log into Rabobank Internet Banking you will need your Username, PIN and Token. You can obtain these by calling the Client Services Unit on 1800 640 442. 

Once obtained, you can login by selecting Rabobank Internet Banking. If you experience any issues when signing in, please call Client Services Unit on 1800 640 442 for assistance. 

How do I register for Rabobank Internet Banking?


To be eligible for our Rabobank Internet Banking, you will need to hold an All In One Account, Seasonal Loan & Cash Management Accounts.

To organise access to Rabobank Internet Banking, complete an Account Operating Authority form. For assistance please contact your local area manager on 1300 30 30 33 between 6am to 8pm Monday to Friday Sydney time. (+61 2 8115 2002 if calling from outside Australia).

How much does it cost to use Rabobank Internet Banking?


Our Rabobank Internet Banking is free for business accounts.

There is no charge to register and currently there are no bank transaction fees or bank fees for using the service, for business accounts.
The costs of your internet access (via your Internet Service Provider) are your responsibility.

How will I know when I'm registered and able to access Rabobank Internet Banking?

Your Rabobank Internet Banking registration kit includes an explanation of the registration process.

You will be asked to call us on a special phone number to confirm receipt of your kit before your login is activated.

I am unable to login


Ensure that you are entering the correct Token, Username, PIN and Token Code, remembering that the Token Code is different each time you log in.

 The first time you log in to Internet Banking you are required to change your PIN. Ensure that you are using the correct PIN.

I have forgotten my Username or PIN

If you have forgotten your Username or PIN, or wish to change your PIN at any time, please call our Rabobank Internet Banking InfoLine on 1800 640 442 between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday, Sydney time.

If you have any queries please contact our Rabobank Internet Banking InfoLine on 1800 640 442 (or +61 2 8115 2002 if calling from outside Australia) between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday, Sydney time. Alternatively you can contact the Client Services Unit by email sydney.internet.banking@rabobank.com.

Is there a transaction that you believe you did not make?


Card transaction dispute and chargeback rights

We can help you to dispute a card transaction, known as a chargeback, where we may reverse all, or part, of the amount of the disputed transaction back to a merchant’s bank in accordance with the applicable card scheme rules.

You should report a disputed card transaction to us as soon as possible so that we may reasonably ask for a chargeback where such a right exists. You may lose your ability to dispute the card transaction if you do not report it within 75 days of the transaction taking place.

When you dispute a card transaction, we will, in relation to the card transaction claim a chargeback right, where one exists, for the most appropriate reason and not accept a refusal of a chargeback by a merchant’s bank unless it is consistent with the relevant card scheme rules.

The card transaction can also include an unauthorised payment debited to the account pursuant to a recurring payment arrangement.

What is a direct debit

A direct debit is a regular payment agreement between you and the merchant. This is where you allow the merchant to automatically debit your nominated account regularly to pay for goods or services that merchant provided.

Obtain a direct debit list

We can provide you a direct debit list on your accounts, for the previous 13 months from your request. The list will include only those direct debits and recurring payments that are known to us from the information we receive about your transactions.

What we will do when you dispute or request cancellation of a direct debit

You can ask us to:

  • investigate an unauthorised direct debit; and/or
  • cancel your direct debit request.

We will act promptly to assist with your request.

When we handle your request for cancellation or a complaint, you are not required to first raise the cancellation or complaint directly with the merchant bank. However, we suggest that you also contact the merchant bank.

Before you dispute a card transaction

  • Take note of all the card transaction details: transaction date, merchant name, disputed amount, account number, account name and card number.
  • If the payment was processed through PayPal, they will have their own disputes process which should be followed.
  • When you visit a hotel or hire a car, the merchant will normally place a hold on your card as a security deposit, known as a card authorisation. An outstanding card authorisation (which is a pending transaction) will reduce your available credit, but does not affect the balance owing on the card. The available credit on your card account will be reduced by that amount for up to 10 days until the merchant releases the authorisation.

How to dispute a card transaction

If you have considered the above and wish to dispute the card transaction, please complete the following form and send it to:




02 8115 1016

Mail to:

Reply paid 4577, Rabobank
Client Services
Sydney NSW 2001

Alternatively, contact our Client Services Unit on 1800 025 484 in Australia or +61 2 8115 2240 if calling from overseas (6am-8pm, Monday to Friday, Sydney Time).

Please remember the process is not guaranteed and different card transactions have different timeframes within terms of resolution.

What happens after you have disputed a card transaction

1   Rabobank will investigate the disputed card transaction by referring the dispute to the merchant’s bank.

2  The merchant’s bank will then refer the dispute to the merchant. They will either accept the claim or further investigate under the relevant card scheme rules. At all times, Rabobank will keep you, the client, informed of the progress or outcome of the disputed card transaction.

3  If the merchant’s bank accepts the chargeback, the dollar value, in whole or in part, of a particular transaction, Rabobank will process the disputed card transaction correction.

4  If the merchant bank does not agree to make a chargeback, in whole or in part and you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may request:

4.1  the disputed card transaction be escalated to a Client Service’s manager;


4.2  make a complaint. For more information on how to make a complaint please visit our Compliments and Complaints page.

What can I use Rabobank Internet Banking for?


Our Rabobank Internet Banking provides secure online access to your accounts.

You can:
  • View up-to-date details of your accounts including account summary, transaction history (for up to 18 months on some accounts), current Fixed Interest Options and electronic copies of your account statements.
  • Request transactions (subject to cut-off times) and make enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Make payments from your accounts to third party accounts.
  • Set up your own payee lists.
  • Transfer funds between your accounts (subject to cut-off times).
  • Book Fixed Interest Options up to 10 business days in advance.
  • Import and export payment files from your financial management software.
  • Make temporary principal reductions on some loan accounts.
  • Enquire about your accounts via our secure Mail service.
  • Manage and impose restrictions on your own Delegated Users.
It's simply another way to do your banking with us - at your convenience.

What details do I need to make a payment to another financial institution's account?

To make payments to another financial institution's account using Rabobank Internet Banking you will need to provide the following payee information:
  • BSB (Bank State Branch) number
  • Account name
  • Account number
Please note that payments cannot be made to credit card accounts through this system, however you may be able to use BPAY.

What do I do if I forget my username or PIN or want to change my PIN?

If you have forgotten your Username or PIN or wish to change it at any time please call our internet banking InfoLine on 1800 640 442 (or +61 2 8115 2002 if calling from outside Australia) between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, Sydney time.

The new PIN is effective upon issue and can be used immediately.

What do I do if I lose or damage my Token or if it has been stolen?

Please call our Internet Banking InfoLine as soon as possible on 1800 640 442 (or +61 2 8115 2002 if calling from outside Australia) between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, Sydney time.

What hours is Rabobank Internet Banking available?


Our Rabobank Internet Banking can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week subject to availability of the system (eg. Internet outage, maintenance outage etc) and availability of your ISP connection.

What is the Rabobank BSB number or Swift code?

Rabobank BSB is 142-001

Rabobank Swift code for rural clients is RABOAU2B

What software packages can I export to, or import from, using Rabobank Internet Banking?


Using our Rabobank Internet Banking you can export a transaction list from your computer to financial management software such as AgriMaster™, CA$hmanager Rural™, Phoenix™, Quicken™** and MYOB™.

You can also import payments and batch templates from financial packages as above to your computer.
Export files produced are in a CSV (Comma Separated Value) or QIF format.
Batch payment or import files must be in an ABA format.
Please contact your software supplier to check if your financial management software is compatible.
**Intuit Inc., USA, is the owner of intellectual property rights in the name 'Quicken'.

When will I receive my annual interest advice?


Annual interest statements are issued once a year in mid August. 

When will my transaction be processed and are there cut-off times for processing requests?


You may request a transaction at any time, however the applicable cut-off time will affect the date on which the transaction is processed.
The following cut-off times apply:

  • All Payments (including BPAY)
  • Payments confirmed before 6pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday will be processed on the same business day.
    Please allow up to 2 business days for the payment to be received by the Payee.

  • Transfers
  • Transfers between your own accounts will be processed in real time. Exception periods are during overnight processing and maintenance periods.

  • Rate Bookings
  • Rate Bookings confirmed before 4pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday will be processed on the same business day.

Who do I call if I experience technical problems?

If you have a problem accessing the Internet, you should contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or software manufacturer. If you can access other internet sites but are having problems with Rabobank Internet Banking, you can call our Internet Banking InfoLine on 1800 640 442 (between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, Sydney time).
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