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Just a heads up, our Online and Mobile Banking Apps will be unavailable between 10:00 pm on Saturday, 24th April and 3:00 am on Sunday, 25th April while we make some improvements. We apologise for any inconvenience. If you’d like to speak to us, we’re available Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm AEDT on 1800 445 445

FAQs - Online Security

How do I unlock my Digipass?


If you have locked your Digipass, log into the Rabobank Online Savings online banking then select ‘Unlock Digipass’ link on the log in page and complete three simple steps to reactivate your Digipass.

You will need to enter your customer number, Date of birth and then select how you would like to receive your secure code (either via email or SMS).

Clicking ‘Send PIN’ will send the unlock code via the preferred channel and will be delivered to you within 10 minutes.

The second step is to reset your personal Digipass PIN. 

To do this you will need to:

  1. Press the orange key to start your Digipass 
  2. Enter the unlock code received via email/SMS
  3. Enter your own and unique PIN, then enter this into your Digipass twice

Your Digipass PIN has now been unlocked and you can complete step three of the unlocking process. Simply follow the onscreen instructions.

How to use your Digipass?


Once your Digipass is set up, simply select ‘online banking’ (from the website) and follow the instructions on the computer screen.

Remember: Always use your personalised five-digit PIN code. (Your initial five-digit PIN code is only ever used to set up your Digipass).

I have lost my Digipass, how do I get a new one?


To order a new Digipass, complete the Digipass replacement form and post to:

Rabobank Online Savings
GPO Box 4715
Sydney NSW 2001
or fax to 1800 121 615

or scan and email to clientservicesAU@Rabobank.com

I haven't received my Digipass activation or unlock code?


If you have requested a Digipass activation or unlock code and the email or SMS message has not arrived within ten minutes, please call us on 1800 445 445, Monday-Friday 8am-7pm email us at clientservicesAU@rabobank.com"

My Digipass is displaying an error message, what does it mean?


If your Digipass is displaying ‘PIN FAIL’ followed by 1, 2, 3 or 4 please enter your correct PIN to continue using your Digipass. 

If your Digipass is displaying ‘LOCK PIN’ followed by characters or numbers, please refer to the “How do I unlock my Digipass?"

My Digipass isn't working, what should I do?


If your Digipass has stopped working, don't try and replace the batteries, that will really kill it. Instead, complete the Digipass replacement form or call us on 1800 445 445 between 8am and 7pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday to have a replacement Digipass sent to you.

What is a Digipass?


Your Digipass is the security token to access your Rabobank Online Savings account and authorise your transactions.

The Digipass randomly generates single-use security access codes for transaction authorisations.

Your Welcome Pack includes detailed instructions on how to use it so please keep these as a reference guide you can refer back to.

When will I receive my Digipass and welcome pack?


Your Digipass, along with instructions on how to use it, are included in your welcome pack which will be mailed out the next business day after your account is open.

It may take up to 5 business days for your welcome pack to land in your mailbox.

You can receive your Digipass PIN either via SMS or Email by activating your Digipass here.

Where can I download the Rabobank Online Savings Mobile App?


Rabobank's Online Savings Mobile Banking app for Australia is available on the Apple App store for Apple devices and Google play store for Android devices. Simply search for the latest version by typing in "Rabobank Online Savings Mobile Banking AU" and follow the download prompts.

Can I get more than one Digipass?


No, you can only have 1 Digipass for each account you hold with us. If you have multiple accounts, e.g. personal and joint you will get multiple Digipasses, but you will only ever get one Digipass for each account.

Can I install the Rabobank Online Savings Mobile App on more than one phone or tablet?


Yes, you can download and register the Rabobank Online Savings Mobile App on up to six devices per account.

You’ll need your customer number and Digipass to register the first time, and the steps you take are the same as logging in to online banking.

Could someone withdraw money from my account without me knowing?


To login to your account, three pieces of identification are required this is why it is vital that you keep your Digipass and PIN safe and secure and do not disclose your PIN to anyone. Also, funds can only be transferred in and out of your Linked account.

How do I ensure I actively logout from the secure site?


When you have completed your banking activities, make sure you always explicitly use the “Logout” button to correctly terminate your banking session. Keep in mind that you also do this if you (temporarily) leave your desk otherwise all your financial data are freely accessible for everyone.

How do I know I am logging in to a secure online banking area?


When you click on 'Login to your account' on the Rabobank Online Savings site, the URL should start with https://mysecure.rabobank.com.au

Your browser may also display a padlock to indicate that you are in secure session. The position of the padlock on your screen will vary depending on your browser. This padlock identifies that a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is in place, designed to provide secure communications over the internet.

To verify the authenticity of the SSL, double click the padlock icon to view the certificate information. 

How do I recognise fake web sites?


They will often try to direct you to fraudulent websites via emails or offers in pop-up windows, asking for your personal information. In many cases there is no simple way to determine you are on a fake website because the URL (domain name) will contain the name of the institution it is imitating.

However, if you type, or cut and paste the URL into a new web browser window and it does not take you to the legitimate website, or you get an error message, it may have been a cover for a fake website. If you have any doubts please call us on 1800 445 445.

How do I register for Mobile Banking?


To register for mobile banking, you’ll need your Digipass and customer number. The steps you take to register are the same as logging in to online banking. 

After downloading the app:
1. Choose "Register for mobile banking" from the main menu
2. Read and acknowledge your agreement with the Terms and Conditions; if you’d like to see a full version of these conditions, they’re also available on the Rabobank website.
3. Enter your Online Savings customer number in the first field
4. Use your Digipass to generate an authorisation code (just like logging in) and enter it in the next field.

Steps to generate your Digipass code are:
1. Press the orange key to start your Digipass.
2. Enter your 5 digit Digipass PIN.
3. Your Digipass will display 'APPLI'.
4. Press 1 to generate your 6 - 8 digit code, enter this code in the box and tap 'Continue'
5. Choose and confirm a five digit PIN to use for mobile banking. When you choose your PIN, just make sure it's not 5 consecutive or repeating numbers.
This process builds the Digipass in to your app. So after you've registered, you won't need to use your Digipass with the mobile app.

How long will my unique code be available for on my digipass?


Limited validity
All generated codes (APPLI 1 and APPLI 2) only have a limited validity so unauthorized people can never use them. If you don’t finalize your session within this time slot you will get a notification. In this case you will have to let your Digipass generate a new APPLI code.

How safe is the Digipass activation or unlock code?


"When sending your Digipass activation and unlock code we only use the email address or mobile phone number provided on your application form. 

We take the security of our customer’s information and investments very seriously and for this reason the Digipass and activation code are sent separately via different communication channels. This means that if the Digipass ends up in the wrong hands, your account cannot be accessed without the activation code, which can only be sent to you, and vice versa."

How secure is my Rabobank Online Savings account?


Rabobank is committed to keeping your money and identity secure. This is why all our customers get a free Digipass. The Digipass provides leading online banking security and is much safer than a simple username and password. It randomly generates single-use security access codes for logging in and authorising transactions.

We take pride in our excellent security record and we are very careful to maintain it. Now you can bank online with complete peace of mind.

Secure connection
If you login to the secure site, a secure connection is made between your computer and our computer.

A secure connection provides that any data transaction is encrypted with a key only known by the computers involved - like messages that are being sent by sealed envelopes.

How to protect your computer with up-to-date anti-virus software and / or with a firewall


Make sure you have installed the latest anti-virus software and / or a personal firewall that protects your computer against viruses and digital abuse. Make sure that your anti-virus software is always activated – even when you are online. Update your security software regularly and have the software conduct a full scan of your computer from time to time.

How to reset your Mobile Banking PIN


"If you've forgotten your mobile banking PIN, you can reset your registration from the app log in screen by tapping ""I forgot my PIN"". You'll be prompted to reset your registration using your customer number and Digipass (just like when you first registered for mobile banking). "

How to set up your Digipass for the first time


Visit the Rabobank Digipass activation page and complete three simple steps to activate your Digipass for the first time.  

The first step is to get an activation code. 

You will need to enter your customer number, date of birth and then select how you would like to receive your secure code (either via email or SMS). 

Clicking ‘Send secure code’ will send the activation code via the preferred channel and will be delivered to you within 10 minutes. 

The second step is to set your personal Digipass PIN. 

To do this you will need to:

Press the orange button on your Digipass
Enter the 5 digit activation code that Rabobank sent you either via email or SMS
Enter your own new and unique 5 digit PIN
Re-enter your new 5 digit PIN to confirm
Your Digipass will now be active with your new PIN

How will you communicate updates to security?


Whenever there is any news or issue about security that we would like to share with you, we will always communicate with you via the secure e-mail in the secure site. You may get a notification via regular e-mail or via sms where we will only ask you to login to the secure site and check your secure e-mail. Note: we will never ask for your login credentials nor your PIN number.

How to change your Digipass PIN?

  1. Press the orange button on your Digipass
  2. Enter your existing 5 digit PIN
  3. When the Digipass displays APPLI, Press and hold the orange button for approximately 2 seconds
  4. Screen will display NEW PIN -----
  5. Enter your new 5 digit PIN
  6. Re-enter your new 5 digit PIN to confirm your Digipass will now be active with your new PIN.

There are several control checks for digipass activation

We have a login and signing procedure which always follows the same steps. When you login to your secure site we will check whether your customer number even exists or not. When you enter your PIN number, your Digipass generates a code (APPLI 1 code) with which we will be able to identify you as the rightful owner of the Digipass. If you want to do transactions your Digipass generates an extra code for signing a transaction (APPLI 2 code – digital signature). Make sure you never pass on any of these APPLI 1 and APPLI 2 codes!

We have activated limits to the amount of money that you can transfer and beyond this limit your transactions will not be processed. 

We monitor all transactions so if the system detects unusual transactions or transaction patterns we will get notified. In case of such events we will always contact you.

What should I do if I am concerned with the security of my account?


In case you suspect fraudulent payments and / or suspicious activities on your account you should contact us immediately by e-mail at clientservicesAU@Rabobank.com or by phone on 1800 445 445.

Our offices are open 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Why should I have the most recent version of my internet browser and operating system?

Old browsers and old operating systems contain security risks because they regularly lack security updates. The most recent version of your internet browser and operating system offer you extra security.

Why should I secure my wifi network?

A wifi network at home is very handy as you can surf the internet throughout the house. Make sure that your wifi network is password protected or encrypted. In this way data is transferred encrypted. Via unsecured wifi networks outsiders will have access to information on your computer and they can monitor and track your online behaviour.

What are fraudulent pop-up windows?


"Pop-up windows are the small windows or ads that appear suddenly over or under the window you are currently viewing. The vast majority of these are legitimate ads and pose no threat. 

Fraudulent pop-up windows are a type of online fraud often used to obtain personal information. Pop-up windows are often the result of programs installed on your computer called 'adware' or 'spyware'. 

These programs monitor your online activity and regularly come hidden inside many free downloads, such as music-sharing software or screen savers. Many of these programs enable harmless advertisements, but some contain 'Trojan horse' programs that can record your keystrokes (for account login) or relay other information to an unauthorised source."

What are the dangers with fake emails?


Unsolicited, 'fake' emails are also referred to as 'SPAM' and often: 

- Ask for personal or sensitive information.

- These emails often use generic greetings and may ask for your personal information to be confirmed by entering your details into a form.

- While some emails are easy to identify as fraudulent, others may appear to be from a legitimate address and trusted online source. However, you should not rely on the name or address in the 'From' field, as this is easily altered.

- Claim you have won a prize or a free gift. These emails will often ask you to provide personal information in order to collect the prize. Of course not all of these are fake. You should confirm that the prize or gift is from a company that you know and trust.

- Link to fake web sites. Fake emails may direct you to counterfeit websites carefully designed to look real, but which actually collect personal information for illegal use.

- Contain attachments like Word documents or PDFs that can contain viruses or might be tampered with to abuse security leaks in Microsoft Office or Acrobat Reader."

What is 'phishing'?


Phishing, pronounced 'fishing', is the term used to describe hackers who attempt to get access to sensitive information by posing as a legitimate company. They send emails from a fraudulent server address, pretending to be the real company or financial institution. These emails contain invitations or prompts for you to verify your account, enter a username or password into a fake copy of the company's real website.

What online security threats should I know about?


Common security threats include phishing, fake emails, fake websites and fraudulent pop-up windows.

Rabobank are acutely aware of these potential threats from would-be online fraudsters and hackers. Internet frauds often target static passwords and many people use the same password or PIN for multiple applications. This is why Rabobank doesn't use static passwords.

What other security precautions can I take?


Here are some security precautions anyone can adopt to increase their own levels of online security.

-Protect your Digipass and PIN
-Never share your Customer Number or Digipass PIN with anyone.
Memorise your Customer Number and Digipass PIN. If you need to write them down, store them in a location separate from your Digipass or account numbers.
-Always keep your Digipass separate from your account number and your Digipass PIN.
-Do not write your Customer Number or Digipass PIN on a post-it note and stick it to your computer.
-Notify us immediately if your Digipass is lost or stolen and we will issue you with a replacement Digipass and PIN.
-Never send sensitive financial information to Rabobank through regular email. Rabobank customers have access to secure email within our secure transaction site.
-You should use our email function to communicate with us if you want to include information pertaining to your account statements or account details.
-We strongly recommend that you protect your computer from viruses by installing and regularly updating firewall and anti-virus software.

What to do if your Digipass is blocked or locked


If you can’t register for mobile banking because you’re seeing a message that your Digipass is locked or blocked, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to www.rabobank.com.au and click ‘Internet Banking’
  2. Click ‘Online Savings (RaboDirect)’
  3. On the landing page, click ‘Online Savings (RaboDirect) Internet Banking’
  4. Select ‘Locked your Digipass?’
  5. Enter your customer number for your Digipass, your date of birth and the lock PIN displayed on your Digipass when you press the orange button
  6. Click ‘Email’ or ‘SMS’ for your preferred method to receive your unlock code, then click ‘Send secure code’
  7. Click the orange button on your Digipass again and enter the unlock code we sent you
  8. Enter a new 5-digit PIN, then enter again to confirm
  9. Your Digipass will then show ‘APPL’ and you are free to log in.
  10. Alternatively, you can call us on 1800 445 445 and we can help you reset your access.


Why have I not received my Digipass activation or unlock code?


If you have requested a Digipass activation or unlock code and the email or SMS message has not arrived within ten minutes, please call us on 1800 445 445, Monday-Friday 8am-7pm email us at clientservicesAU@Rabobank.com

Will I still need my Digipass?


Yes, don’t throw the Digipass away just yet. You will need it to set up the Mobile Banking App and it’s always handy to keep for a back up. For example, if you need to access online banking via your desktop.

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