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We’re currently experiencing a higher than usual volume of calls and appreciate your patience as you wait to speak to our team. So we can best help you with your enquiry please see if we can answer your question via our FAQ’s here.

FAQs - Mobile Banking

Am I able to change my daily transaction limit on the Rabobank Mobile Banking App?

No, you cannot change your daily transaction limit for mobile banking. For higher limits, please use Rabobank Internet Banking from your computer.

How can I close an account?


For more information about closing your account:

For Rabobank Australia loan related accounts, please contact your Rural Manager or visit a branch located on our website. You will need to provide a request in writing that is signed by all account holders and security providers. The attached form may be used to assist with this process. Once all of the information required has been received, we will close your account as soon as practicable, and generally within 6 weeks from receipt of all of the required information.

For all other Rabobank Australia accounts, please call us on 1800 025 484, or if you are overseas on (+612) 8115 2240 between the hours of MON-FRI 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Sydney time). You may also contact your local branch. For Deposit accounts, we will generally close the account within 5 days once all required information is received.

Am I able to print out a receipt using the Rabobank Mobile Banking App?

The Rabobank Mobile Banking App does not offer a receipt print function, however as you progress through a transaction you are able to take a screen shot (saved as a picture on your device) if you would like to keep a receipt and print at a later date.

Can I use the Rabobank Mobile App on multiple mobile devices?

Yes, you can download the Rabobank Mobile Banking App to an additional handset however, you will need to download and re-register the App on the additional device.

Can I view or modify future dated payments?

You are not able to either view or amend future dated payments in the Rabobank Mobile Banking App. Please modify these payment details using your Rabobank Internet Banking.

Does Balance Peek expose my personal information?

The information displayed from Balance Peek is the same as it would be displayed on an ATM receipt. No names or account numbers are visible.

Do I need to have a Rabobank account to access the Rabobank Mobile Banking App?

Yes, you need to have an active account with access to Rabobank Internet Banking.

How do I display the menu?

Tap or drag the top left corner of your mobile screen.

How do I know if the Mobile Banking App has downloaded successfully?

You will see the Rabobank Mobile Banking App icon on your mobile device screen.

How do I log off from Mobile Banking?

Simply go to the home menu and select ‘Sign Out’ which can be found on the top left of the page or simply tap your mobile device’s ‘Home’ button and you will be logged off automatically.

How do I re-register for the Rabobank Mobile Banking App?

You will be asked to enter your Rabobank Internet Banking Token Code, your Username and 4 digit code.

How much does the Rabobank Mobile Banking App cost?

It’s free, however you have to pay the relevant download usage costs according to your mobile plan.

Is the Rabobank Mobile Banking App secure?

Yes, it includes the latest hardware and software protection in addition to your 6 digit login.

What is Balance Peek?

Balance Peek allows users the option to view their balances without having to login. You can set up Balance Peek for up to three accounts per entity at any time when you are in the Rabobank Mobile Banking App.

What mobile device can I use to access the Rabobank Mobile Banking App?

iPhone (iOS 6.1.1 and above) and Android (v 4.1 and above). Please note the speed of performing transactions is determined by your internet connection of your telecommunication provider.

What should I do if I change my mobile device?

You will need to download the Rabobank Mobile App onto your new mobile device and re-register your details. You should also call Rabobank on 1800 025 484 and request that your old device to be de-registered.

What should I do if I forget my Rabobank Mobile Banking App PIN?

There is a “Forgotten your PIN?” feature on the login screen. Simply select and re-register your details.

What should I do if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

You should report the issue as soon as possible by calling us on 1800 025 484. It is also suggested that you contact your telecommunication provider to deactivate your SIM.

Who do I contact for further information and help?

The Rabobank Customer Service Unit will be happy to assist you on 1800 640 442 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, Sydney time.
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